Short Stories by K.M. Rider

K.M. Rider is the alter ego I engage when writing fiction. Stories tend to emerge from myth and folklore, especially Celtic and Native American and from my experience with spiritual teachings and energy medicine. Add to the mix characters dealing with contemporary dilemmas regardless of the mystical or fabulist elements around them. Follow the StoryBoards on Pinterest

bubo bubo sunset tree watching - Version 2

“The Owl’s Last Call” in review

Angello, home after his final tour in Afghanistan, takes off on his motorcycle to make amends with the woman he loves. But his bike flips the guardrail in a sudden snowstorm and Angello is thrown into an icy embankment. As snow covers him, Angello waits for death, but it’s not death who comes calling… Subscribe to newsletter, receive an excerpt


“The Parade”

Lizard Skin Press (in press 2014)

A young woman encounters an stranger with penetrating pearl-grey eyes. She feels like she’s fallen into another universe. She’s about to journey through the shadows of her own mind and soul to find all that she’s been searching for.  

World Beyond

“Beyond the Garden”

Winner! Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future, 2013

Beyond the garden lies a hidden world… Days before leaving her husband-and delivering her first child-Aurora Winter is pulled through a portal into a hidden world where a dying queen offers her safe haven…at a price.
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